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Sep 17, 2014

New OPPO N3 Picture Leaks Showing Totally Different Design, Coming October 29

A couple of days ago, a bunch of leaked images showed us the face of OPPO’s upcoming flagship device, which will go by the name of N3.

Like its predecessor, the N1, the upcoming N3 is expected to arrive with a rotating camera, which was visible in the images that made their way online. However, a few days later, the story seems to be changing a little bit. A new image of the OPPO has surfaced, showing the top half of the phone’s backside (as spotted at Soyacincau). And, surprise surprise, instead of the tube-looking swiveling bulge thar lived on top, the new OPPO N3 will come with a flat head with slightly curved edges, similar to the N1. The swiveling camera is still onboard, it’s just not what we saw a few days ago.

Granted, the first batch of images didn’t seem all that plausible, so in all likelihood this is how the OPPO N3 will end up looking. Anyway, in related news, OPPO has started sending out invites to the press for a media event scheduled to start on October 29. So we have the date for when the new OPPO N3 will be rolled out into the wild. The launch will take place in Singapore.

Latest leaked photo showing the OPPO N3

Invitation to the OPPO event scheduled for the end of October

Close-up on the latest OPPO N3 leaked image

Older press render of OPPO N3
Images credits to SoyaCincau


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