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Nov 19, 2014

Gelid 1U Low-Profile Slim CPU Cooler Will Chill AMD's AM1 Processors

CPUs and APUs ship with their own coolers most of the time, but those coolers have to come from somewhere, and the default ones aren't always suitable or possible to use, especially if the PC case you buy is particularly small.

Gelid has created a cooler that is quite small indeed, being no taller than a DDR3 memory module, as a matter of fact. That means that it should easily fit in any PC case designed for mini-ITX motherboards. However, it's true that the options aren't as expansive as you might think, since the cooler is only compatible with AMD AM1 CPU sockets. Announced in April 2014, the AM1 socket is used by mid-range and entry-level AMD SoCs branded Athlon and Sempron and based on Jaguar and Puma architectures. The Gelid Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler has a silent 70mm fan with intelligent PWM control. The height of the heatsink is of 26mm and the fan “sinks” into it, so it doesn't add to it. All this for a price of $11 / €8.58.

Shipments of the RoHS and WEEE compatible Gelid Slim Silence Am1 CPU cooler should have started already. All orders will be accompanied by a 5-year warranty.

Press Release:Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions unveils its 1U low profile Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler. The cooler is a product of GELID Solutions SILENT product line.
GELID Solutions has extended its product portfolio of CPU coolers to fit AMD's latest AM1 socket. The Slim Silence AM1 cooler comes with a silent 70mm fan. This fan provides high airflow and has an intelligent PWM controller which provides additional air flow only when it is really necessary. With a height of 26mm this heatsink is especially designed for slim chassis with limited space.
The cooler is RoHS and WEEE conform and carries a 5 year warranty. "If you are looking for an AM1 aftermarket cooler we have it with PWM too", said Gebhard Scherrer Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd. "Slim Silence AM1" is available now and has a MSRP of USD 11 USD or 8.65 Euro.

Gelid Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler

Gelid Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler, top view

Gelid Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler, bottom view

Gelid Slim Silence AM1 CPU cooler box
Images credits to Gelid

Make sure you have an AMD AM1 SoC first
Image credits to AMD


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