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Nov 20, 2014

Panram Ninja-V Memory Kits with Up to 16 GB and DDR4-3300 Speed Debut

DDR4 is not something that many people can afford at the moment, not just because of the price of the memory itself, but due to the expense involved in acquiring motherboards and CPUs that can actually use it. Panram has chosen to release a series regardless.

Called Ninja-V, the random access memory line is composed of twelve kits, set apart by both their capacities and their frequencies. More precisely, there are four frequency groups and each group comprises three different kits, or rather two kits and the option to acquire just one, lone module. That means that total capacities for consumers are 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. The latter two involve two and four 4 GB modules, respectively.

The Panram Ninja-V DDR4 RAM series

It is composed of 4 GB modules with clocks of 2,800 MHz, 3,000 MHz, 3,200 MHz and 3,300 MHz in groups of 1, 2 and 3. That means there are three of each, as the table in the attached gallery shows. The 2,400 MHz modules are the only ones with 1.2V voltage (really 1.25V), while the others use 1.35V, which is still a lot less than DDR3. DDR3 RAM usually runs at 1.5V (older type run at 1.65V), with only low voltage versions managing 1.35V at the expense of performance. That's why the best DDR3 kits of today, those of 2,800 MHz or more, all need 1.5V/1.65V or even more via manual tweaking in that regard (during overclocking runs).

It's also worth mentioning that the standard performance level of DDR3 memory is 2,133 MHz, so having over 3,000 MHz at just 1.35V is quite impressive.

The catch

It's the same as before, unfortunately. In order to be able to use DDR4 you need to buy a motherboard based on Intel's X99 chipset, since LGA 2011-3 socket CPUs are the only ones with DDR4 support. That means the Haswell-E Extreme Edition Core i7 chips, as well as whatever overkill Xeon chips Intel has on sale via retail or as part of its enterprise/business sales channel.

Availability and pricing

All the Panram DDR4 Ninja-V memory products should sell soon, if they haven't already been posted by retailers. Unfortunately, the company didn't see fit to mention the prices in its announcement, so you will have to wait until retailers reveal that info themselves. Considering the cost of a DDR4-supporting PC, however, only the rich will be able to afford the Ninja-V anyway, so Panram doesn't stand to lose anything, unless kits from competitors are a lot cheaper, which isn't very likely.

Panram DDR4 Ninja-V 4-module kit

Panram DDR4 Ninja-V kit specs

Panram DDR4 Ninja-V dual-module kit

Panram DDR4 Ninja-V single-module package

Panram DDR4 Ninja-V 4Gb module
Images credits to Panram


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