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Mar 26, 2012

If Apple Sold You Water, You’d Probably Buy It

Here’s a nifty little poke at Apple’s iconic marketing materials that’ll make you drool over this simple bottle of H2O.

Actually, if you were to ask scoopertino.com, it’s not a simple bottle of water. It’s Water (Apple Water). The marketing pitch reads:

“If you’ve been drinking the juice, you’re ready to drink the water. Apple Water is designed especially for the Apple connoisseur: beautifully packaged, easy to drink, and perfectly overpriced. A magical blend of hydrogen and oxygen, Apple Water says everything they need to know about you.”

The product’s key features include instant waterfication, built-in display (a temperature sensitive logo that shifts from red to blue when the temperature is in Steve Jobs’ acceptable limits), molecular perfection, resistance, and more.

Interested parties would even be able to buy an accessory - the Apple-designed “cup” for just $29.99.

Note: this gag is rather old (note that it mentions the late Steve Jobs), but it’s still a fun piece, worth sharing.


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