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Mar 26, 2012

Nokia Belle FP2 Disappoints in HTML5 Benchmark, Tizen OS Outshines All Other Platforms

Nokia announced it would continue to support its Symbian operating system, especially after the Finnish company launched several smartphones that are meant to strengthen its proprietary OS market share.

Although the company decided to outsource the development of Symbian software and support activities to Accenture, Nokia included the transfer of 2,800 employees in the deal. Nokia employees transferred are to focus solely on developing and supporting Symbian software.
In the meantime, the Finnish handset maker decided to change the new platform’s name to Nokia Belle. The next-generation operating system was launched on the market along with several new smartphones, such as Nokia 603, 700 and 701.

Nokia also confirmed that these smartphones would receive a Belle FP1 update sometime in the summer. In this regard, it is also worth mentioning that Nokia 808 PureView will be shipped with Belle FP1 out of the box.

However, it appears that Nokia is already testing the Belle FP2 update, though it’s not clear what new features it will bring. We already know that Nokia Belle FP1 will improve Nokia 603, 700 and 701 CPUs speed.

A recently leaked benchmark for HTML5 shows disappointing results for Nokia Belle FP2 platform tested on a Nokia 701. The list of mobile platforms tested, Tizen OS is in the lead with 387 points followed by Blackberry 10 with 361 points. 

Unfortunately, Nokia Belle FP2 is last with only 242 points. Chrome Beta is third with 343 points, Firefox Mobile on fourth with 318, and on the fifth, outperforming Belle FP2, is Windows Phone 8 with 298 points.

Keep in mind that this HTML5 benchmark only includes results from mobile platforms that are currently in development or beta. This means that they are likely to receive further enhancements, which will improve their benchmark scores. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.


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