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Mar 26, 2012

17W TDP Sandy Bridge Based Celeron Coming in Summer

Intel plans to release two new mobile CPUs in Q3 2012, the first one being named Celeron 887 Mobile, with a 1400MHz working frequency, and the second one being a 100MHz "faster" Celeron 807.

It comprises two cores with no HyperThreading involved along with 2 MB or cache memory. As expected, it has Intel HD Graphics built-in and it supports DDR 1333 MHz memory. It can clock its iGPU from 350MHz to 1Ghz  according to the task it is working on.

The CPU is part of Intel’s Ultra-Low voltage family and it will end up inside entry level mobile solutions.

The other mobile CPU in Intel’s future Ultra-Low voltage line is the Celeron 807. Regardless of the numbering scheme that might lead you to believe this CPU is just a lower-clocked Celeron 877 or even cache-deprived, this one is seriously handicapped as it has only one core working at 1500MHz.

It’s certainly 100MHz faster and even supports HyperThreading, but lacking the second core, this one will seriously be underperforming when compared with its Celeron 877 brother. The cache has also been cut to 1.5 MB. The CPU comes with no turbo support although it can alter its iGPU frequency between 350MHz and 950MHz.

Intel claims that the 877 model is 47 percent faster than its 807 little brother and we definitely believe them as half the cores and minus 25% of the cache in 807 cannot be compensated by the 7% increase in working frequency.


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