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Mar 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Pictured. Maybe

There have been murmurs about a new tablet for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 series, murmurs that picked up in volume not too long ago. 

Granted, it still isn't known if the alleged Galaxy Tab 11.6 will ever actually become reality. 

Still, people are watchful of what they consider important, and this applies here as well. 

Long story short, a photo of an unreleased tablet has made its way to the web somehow. 

In looks, it resembles the Galaxy Tab 2, the one showcased at the Mobile World Congress. 

The photo actually first showed up on the product page of the Exynos 5250, which is the chip expected to power the galaxy Tab 11.6, hence the assumption that the one in the photo is it. We'll keep an eye out for anything new.


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