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Mar 26, 2012

IBM Power 7+ Pictured

IBM is still the packaging king as they’ve been for the last decade or so. They were first to the market with a really big MCM module of “bubble memory” back in the ’70, a huge MCM server design using their Power5 architecture in 2003, and now they are back with a new packaging technology.

On Friday, Charlie Demerjian’s camera from SemiAccurate caught eye of IBM’s new baby, fully exposed. 

The chips pictured here are part of the new Power7+ family and they are, from left to right: four P7+ CPU dies mounted on an interposer with no lid; four P7+ CPU dies with organic packaging, also without lid; and, on the right, one unnamed stacked die with and without the heat spreader. 

Nobody else can show such advanced technology on such a grand scale right now, so IBM is once again on the forefront of silicon IC design. 

It is said that the interposer is an active part that can integrate substantial amounts of eRAM  communicating on a very wide bandwidth.


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