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Jul 25, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablets Price over $1,000

When announcing its own devices powered by the Windows 8 platform, namely the Surface tablets, Microsoft announced that they would be priced in line with the currently available tablet PCs and ultrabooks.

At the time, many suggested that we might see the Windows RT Surface tablet going prices starting at $600, while the Windows 8 Pro-powered slate would cost over $800. However, it appears that these devices might actually land on shelves with much higher price tags than that, if the info listed on a Swedish retailer today is to be believed. Third-party retailer webhallen currently lists the Windows RT version of the Surface at 6,990 SEK ($1,000 / €830) for the 32GB model, and at 9,990SEK ($1,430 / €1,180) for the 64GB flavor. The Windows 8 Pro Surface slate, on the other hand, is listed at 12,990SEK ($1,860 / €1,540) for the 64GB version, and at 14,990SEK ($2.150 / €1,780) for the 128GB model.

The tablet PCs are up for pre-order at the moment, the retailer notes, adding that they are expected to arrive on shelves in the fourth quarter of 2012 and in the first quarter of the next year, respectively. While the release dates appear to be in line with what Microsoft has already unveiled for the new devices, it’s rather hard to believe that the prices are correct. Notebooknews notes that all prices for electronics are higher in Sweden, since they come with a 25 percent VAT, yet the difference between what was expected and what appears to have been set down is still high. 

Microsoft’s 10.6-inch Surface tablets will pack internal hardware similar with what one would expect in today’s highly-mobile devices, such as tablets and ultrabooks, hence the expected similarity in pricing. The Windows RT Surface is said to be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 ARM processor, while the Windows 8 Pro model should pack an Intel Core i5 x86 chip inside.

Microsoft Surface
Image credits to Microsoft

Microsoft Surface price tags
Image credits to Webhallen


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