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Jul 25, 2012

ARM Huge Profit Increace 48% in Q2 and Surpasses Estimates

ARM has had yet another good quarter with record-breaking profits and very good sales. The company has again surpassed the analysts’ estimations and brought in $213 million in earnings.

The official estimations were slated at about $203 million in earnings, but ARM Holdings has managed to do 3% better. That may not seem much, but the profits were an amazing 48% up to $61.2 million, while last year during the same season they were enjoying “only” $41.3 million in profits. The next quarter is supposed to be even better than this one and the analysts are predicting full-year revenues of $860 million.

We’re more inclined towards seeing ARM break the $1 billion mark this year if we only take a look at the huge demand for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 and the multitude of foundry deals the fabless chip designer has signed. Considering that ARM is also jumping into the 64-bit server arena, we dare to predict over $1 billion revenues for the famous IP licensing company.

HP RedStone Development Platfrom Using Calxeda ARM SoCs
Image credits to HP


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