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Jul 25, 2012

AMD Vishera FX Processors Are 100% Compatible with Current AM3+ Platforms

Texas-based fabless CPU designer, American company AMD seems to be very confident in the performance of its up and coming FX 8350 flagship and the FX 4300 processors, and plans no platform refresh for the following months.

We reported here that AMD Piledriver enhanced FX processors will likely be at least 20% faster than the current Bulldozer CPUs, and we first reported here about the FX 8350 AM3+ flagship. After the 4 GHz frequency of the FX 8350 processor was confirmed here, we can now say that there will likely be no modification made to AMD’s current chipset lineup. Hardware experts from Fudzilla.com are also reporting today that industry sources say that SB950 is going to remain AMD’s top SouthBridge chip until mid-2013. The only strange aspect is the fact that AMD’s top chipset doesn’t have USB 3.0 support, but it’s likely that the company is mainly concentrating on its APU platforms that have much better chances of taking the lead in the desktop and notebook markets.

AMD currently enjoys a 43% share of the desktop PC market thanks to the Brazos and Llano APUs, so it’s quite obvious they’d rather improve on that along with their mobile market share instead of battling Intel on its main x86 turf. It is not likely that Advanced Micro Devices’ Piledriver enhanced FX processor will stand a chance in the face of quad- and hexa-core Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, so the fabless chip designer is only working on modest improvements and architectural optimizations until “Steamroller” becomes available. AMD is obviously working hard to compete on the notebook, netbook, nettop and mid-end desktop markets along with its server share, but it is steering clear of a face-to-face confrontation on the high-end desktop playing field for now.

Image credits to AMD


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