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Jul 25, 2012

New Intel Pentium and Celeron Series CPUs Set for September Release

We've known for some time that Intel will launch a new bunch of central processing units in the relatively near future, but the full list continues to surprise us by growing, again and again.

Intel, of course, did not come out to say exactly which chips would appear, where and when, although it did touch upon several more noteworthy models. Most of the info made it to the web indirectly, through leaks, reports, product support listings by motherboard and laptop OEMs, etc. This instance is similar in that regard: a report has exposed the planned release of some Pentium and Celeron-series CPUs not known of previously.

Under the Pentium brand, the G645 and G645T will make their entrance, curious in that they are Sandy Bridge chips instead of Ivy Bridge ones. That said, the Celeron chips on the way are called G465, G550T and G555. All five CPUs will begin shipping in the week starting on September 2, but their specifications have not been found.

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Image credits to Intel


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