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Jul 25, 2012

Turbo Camera for Windows Phone Can Shoot at 30fps

Owners of Windows Phone smartphones interested in taking advantage of a great camera application on their devices can now choose to purchase the Turbo Camera software from the Marketplace for only $0.99.

The app, available in the official Windows Phone Marketplace for quite some time now, has recently reached 250,000 downloads, and the developer decided to cut its price in half in celebration. Those of you interested in enhancing the camera features of your devices will be able to grab the software at this price until the next major update for it arrives.

That would be Turbo Camera 2.0, expected to land in the coming weeks, when the application will return to the original price tag of $1.99. The update will also come with an image editing tool, as well as with a public album, in addition to other changes.

Turbo Camera
Images credits to WPCentral


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