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Jul 24, 2012

Mozilla Firefox with National Flag Personas

Although the Olympic Games are scheduled to start in three days, the competition might begin a little earlier in Firefox, as Mozilla raked up the flags of 57 countries in a collection of personas of their own.

The move was made to give the millions of Firefox users around the globe the opportunity “to celebrate the spirit of community and togetherness.” However, the number of users customizing the web browser with their country flag seems a bit low right now. Out of the 62 countries represented, Australia has the most supporters, with 487 installations.

Next comes Great Britain with 304 users and at a very safe distance is Brazil, with 40 installations. Indonesia flag seems to have only 8 daily users at the moment. You can get your flag on by accessing this page.

Collection of 57 country flags available on Mozilla Add-on page


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