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Jul 24, 2012

PNY Nvidia Quadro 410 Professional Video Card

PNY’s new professional card is an entry-level Quadro card powered by an Nvidia GPU featuring a modest, single-slot cooling system. The company claims the new graphic adapter is up to 90% faster than a Quadro FX 380LP when testing in SPEC Viewperformance 11.

Compared with a Quadro 400 card, PNY’s new adapter offers 30% improved performance using the same testing procedure. The new PNY NVIDIA Quadro 410 professional graphics adapter features 192 CUDA cores and just 512 MB of DDR3 memory, IXBT reports.

Despite being small and apparently not really powerful, the cooling system manages to stay below 28 decibels, but we think the situation will surely change after one year of wear and tear. The back panel only contains a DVI-I output connector and a DisplayPort.

PNY Nvidia Quadro 410 Professional Video Card
Image credits to IXBT


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