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Jul 24, 2012

Sharkoon Tactix Gaming Keyboard just $15 / 12.40 Euro

We are so used to gaming hardware that costs over one hundred dollars a piece that learning about such a peripheral with a tag of just $15 / 12.40 Euro can be shocking.

Nevertheless, that is what we might soon have in our hands, thanks to Sharkoon, whose product is called Tactix Gaming Keyboard. Detailed here, it hasn't been given an availability date yet, sadly. That only makes us look forward to it all the more though. The product has fully programmable keys (via software GUI) and can record macros, macro loops, Internet functions, media functions, etc.

It should also be possible to bind mouse functions and timing delays. Furthermore, the WASD and arrow keys are rubberized (being the most often used in games). All in all, the product measures 16.96 (L) by 5.35 (W) by 0.94 (W) inches (430 x 135 x 24 mm) and weighs 1.3 pounds / 589 grams.

The Battle begins! You advance, storming forward! Full cover! With luck! The next run, the opponent is left behind -- tunnel vision. Now it's all about speed, you need space for your movements and the Tactix is really small and lies compactly in front of you.
Video credits to SharkoonTW


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