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Sep 4, 2012

Eight AMD Vishera CPUs Take Over the AM3+ Platform

The refined Piledriver x86 architecture from AMD will take over the AM3+ platform very fast. The company is preparing a fast removal of the Zambezi CPUs from its product offering with an aggressive EOL plan.

All the eleven Zambezi processors that are currently available in the channel will reach EOL in Q4 2012. This means that the availability will only last until sometime next spring, while shipments could still come in after the middle of the next year.

This was supposed to have happened even quicker, but for certain unknown reasons, Vishera was delayed by about two months and thus the EOL is also moved back by a comparable amount of time. The top Vishera CPU will be designated FX 8350 and will go head to head with Intel’s Core i7-3770K processor, but it will probably not be able to fight the superior models from Intel.

AMD FX Processor logo
Image credits to AMD

AMD FX Next Slide
Image credits to AMD


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