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Jun 7, 2013

Intel NUC Mini PC (Haswell-Based) Set for Q3 Release

The NUC, short for Next Unit of Computing, was first invented as a means for Intel to infiltrate the small form factor PC industry. It's basically the only actual PC that Intel sells under its own brand.

Sales haven't exactly been spectacular, but they must have been at least acceptable if Intel continues to talk about them every other week. Case in point, now that the Haswell series of central processing units has appeared, Intel has taken it upon itself to upgrade the NUC a bit too. The PC has dual mPCIe/SATA slots and SODIMM DDR3 slots, like before, but uses a 15W Ultrabook Haswell SoC instead of an Ivy Bridge CPU. That means that HD 5000 graphics are available.

Other new additions are the SATA connectors (for regular HDD support when larger, custom cases are used). Intel has the small motherboard on display at Computex, along with plastic and aluminum-clad NUCs.

Intel NUC
Images credits to VR-Zone


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