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Jun 7, 2013

Thunderbolt Flash Drive Prototype from Intel Puts All Others to Shame

As good as some storage devices are, there is always one better out there, or on the way to the market. Intel has just proven this on the flash drive segment, by introducing the Thunderbolt 2.

Long story short, it is a flash drive with a capacity of 128 GB and the Thunderbolt connectivity interface.  Thunderbolt operates at 10 Gbps, for those who don't know, and will, in the future, grow well past that limit.  10 Gbps is twice what USB 3.0 can accomplish, making the newcomer especially useful for copying and transferring large files, like HD/Full HD/4K films (3D or otherwise), graphics design projects, archives, etc.

So far, Intel has only shown a prototype at Computex 2013, in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a small thing, with the front quite a bit thinner than the rear. It looks crude, as it should. By all accounts, it was thrown together fast, so it was to be expected. via PCWorld.

Intel Thunderbolt flash drive
Image credits to PC World


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