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Jun 7, 2013

Intel Roadmap Says Broadwell is Delayed to 2015

Intel may have finally released the fourth generation of Core-series central processing units, widely known as Haswell, but that doesn't mean its plans for the successor architecture haven't changed.

According to a new roadmap slide, leaked through VR-Zone, Broadwell has either been delayed to 2015, or was never supposed to be launched earlier in the first place. Right now, people are still assuming that Intel's focus is the desktop industry. In such a climate, bringing Broadwell out quickly would make sense.  This may be the problem though. Intel hasn't been making as much money from investments in desktop products and technologies.

Case in point, back in May when it held its major briefings about Haswell, Intel talked about 6-8 year replacement cycles for desktops. That may happen eventually. Right now, Intel is moving towards two-year replacement cycles, hence the delay to, or initial decision to place Broadwell in, 2015. Broadwell will be designed on the 14nm process technology.

Intel Broadwell CPU delayed to 2015
Image credits to VR-Zone


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