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Sep 4, 2012

A6 CPU on Purported iPhone 5 Logic Board

A photo of the next-generation iPhone logic board has recently surfaced in photos, spurring speculation that Apple is, indeed, putting an all-new chip inside the chassis of its iPhone 5.

Originating from Sonny Dickson (9to5mac researcher and tech enthusiast), the image is said to be “enhanced with Photoshop.” This, of course, doesn’t help its credibility one bit, but we wouldn’t deny our readers any tidbit that could potentially hold valuable information.

For our part, we’ve enhanced the photo as well to show the clear A6 designation on the black silicon chip. We cannot confirm whether or not someone simply used a photo editor to put the “A6” on that black background. Given how fuzzy the picture is, there’s a good chance the image is, indeed, doctored. Apple could very well go with an A5X implementation, leaving the A6 for the iPhone 6. At least it makes sense from a numeric standpoint.

Purported iPhone 5 logic board
Image credits to Sonny Dickson


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