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Sep 4, 2012

AMD Dual-Core 28nm Richland

AMD is working hard on the successor to the successful Trinity and, apparently, it is already planning the launch schedule for next spring. In early 2013, the Richland processor is supposed to become online. This one will be built in 28nm.

There were many reports saying that Richland would come with a radically different architecture that would use Steamroller cores for x86 processing power and GCN graphics for 3D performance. Now AMD is planning on releasing two 28nm processors which are supposed to be using the Richland silicon, Fudzilla reports. Both parts will fit inside the 65 watts TDP, but the graphics side will only benefit from 192 cores and the chip will have the A6 xxxxK moniker. Apparently yes, these 28nm processors will have more overclocking-enabled models that will wear the “K” tag.

The second 28nm processor will be an A4 that will lack the overclocking ability and will only feature 128 shaders. AMD's Turbo Core will be supported by both CPUs, but the A6 will have dual graphics ability, while the A4 will lack this option along with Blu-ray 3D support that will come with the superior models. The A6 and the A4 will both have 1 MB of level 2 cache while the quad-core parts will likely benefit from double that amount. These parts should come in Q2 2013, but we have a strange feeling that they might not have the GCN graphics we were hoping for. AMD's low-power Jaguar APUs will likely be the first to come with the enhanced integrated graphics processing units (iGPU), as these will launch months after the initial Richland 28nm processors.

Richland is likely to be a die shrink of the current Trinity with somewhat higher clocks and maybe a faster x86 computing core, although we’re not sure on that either. Many things are changing rapidly at AMD as the new architects start planning the company’s new roadmap. The company is already experimenting with new GPU tools to imbue its processor design and manufacturing, as we reported here.

AMD Fusion Marketing Shot
Image credits to AMD


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