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Sep 4, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 Features S Cloud and Dropbox Integration

Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s second phablet out there, is expected to arrive on shelves with S Cloud packed inside, a video shot at the IFA 2012 show in Berlin unveils.

Coming from BestBoyZ, the clip above shows not only that the feature will be loaded on Galaxy Note 2 at launch, but that it would also feature Dropbox integration, enabling users to easily sync files with the cloud service. At the moment, the feature does not appear to be working very well, most probably because it is not yet ready for launch.

However, it might be ready in time for the smartphone’s release on shelves, and could easily provide users with 50GB of free Dropbox storage when signing in for the service from the phone. Apparently, Samsung might be set to make the S Cloud integration available for other devices as well, following the upgrade to Jelly Bean, which should occur sooner rather than later.

Mehr zu Samsung S Cloud findest Du unter http://bestboyz.de/go16973
Video credits to BestBoyZde


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