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Sep 4, 2012

DELL XPS 10 WindowsRT ARM Tablet

Once Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is launched this October, ARM will have secured a serious foothold in the Windows software market. Sure the x86 Windows applications will not work on WindowsRT, but we’re certain that these will be much easier to port than going from ARM Android to x86 Windows 8.

American company DELL is the second well-known brand to show a WindowsRT-based tablet at this year’s IFA event in Berlin, Germany, but this one is a lot different from ASUS’s own Vivo Tab RT tablet. The new tablet is called DELL XPS 10 and it is not powered by Nvidia’s popular Tegra 3 mobile processor, but it is using a Qualcomm processor. The most likely suspect inside DELL’s 10” XPS 10 tablet is the powerful APQ8064 quad-core processor from Qualcomm that’s based on the new ARM Cortex A15 architecture. This makes Qualcomm’s mobile processor much more powerful than Nvidia’s solution, as each Cortex A15 core is roughly twice as fast as a Cortex A9 core, like the ones found inside the Tegra 3 SoC.

APQ8064 also brings greatly improved power efficiency along with a much better single-threaded behavior, as not all applications know how to best utilize multiple processing cores. The XPS 10 certainly looks more like a tablet with a keyboard dock than a detachable screen. To put it differently, DELL’s XPS 10 is apparently built to work mainly as a tablet and the keyboard dock will supposedly be optional when buying it. The impressive efficiency of the APQ8064 should translate in a huge 20-hour long battery life when working in docked mode and DELL itself promises “a couple of working days battery life.” 

DELL XPS 10 WindowsRT ARM Tablet powered by Qualcomm
Image credits to gottabemobile

DELL XPS 10 WindowsRT ARM Tablet powered by Qualcomm
Image credits to SlashGear


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