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Sep 4, 2012

Complete List of Windows 8 Devices

We've been reporting on devices running Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system for months, and the latest weeks have had more than a few official releases, but, for those who want a complete view of the “ecosystem”, such as it is, we have a nice chart to share.

Following this link will take you to a file that lists all Windows 8 devices known so far, as well as the specifications, insofar as they are known. We aren't the ones who made it though. That credit goes to blogger Aidan Finn, whose original post can be found here. The file is a very thorough piece of work, and what we can claim is that we've written about many of the entries. There are 32 in total. Some run the Windows 8 standard version, while others feature the ARM-ready Windows RT iteration. At any rate, Acer is in the lead with seven products. Iconia W510 and Iconia W700 are tablets, ones we have managed to shoot hands-on photos of at the ongoing IFA 2012 trade show.

Speaking of which, we have posted hands-on galleries of the Aspire V5 Touch notebook and the Aspire S7 ultrabook as well. Samsung has second spot (6 items), with its Series 7 all-in-one PCs, the Ativ Smart PC / Smart PC Pro and Ativ Tab, among other things. ASUS is on third place, with five products. The Taichi dual-display notebook and the two Vivo Tab are the ones we have examined closely. Dell is up next, with three devices, of which the Dell XPS 12 Duo is best known to us (a convertible ultrabook, of sorts). HP has three products as well, as does Lenovo (the IdeaPad and ThinkPad series).

Finally, Sony and Microsoft (Surface Pro and Surface RT) have two products each, and Toshiba has one (Satellite U920t convertible ultrabook). The list, understandably enough, doesn't include the Windows 7 devices that can be upgraded to Windows 8.

Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook
Image credits to Acer


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