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Sep 4, 2012

The iPhone 5’s nano-SIM Starts Shipping

Deutche Telekom is sending out nano-SIM cards to its partners one week ahead of the rumored iPhone 5 launch. The spec is said to be a perfect fit for the next-generation iPhone, which might be the first to adopt the nano-SIM standard.

The operator is sending out these nano-SIMs with instructions that they’re to be used with “the latest generation of smartphones” launching in the near future. No reference to the iPhone has been made, but Apple’s next smartphone is said to be the first to adopt the new specification.

Apple is widely expected to send out its own invitations to an event scheduled for next week, during which it will ceremoniously unveil the next-generation iPhone. The handset is said to have a four-inch display, upgraded internals and cameras, a slightly altered design, and a thinner body.

Nano-SIM and Standard-SIM (With Micro-SIM cut) size comparison
Image credits to iFun.de


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